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The games also leave Windows Phone. Dead Trigger 2 abandons the SO

Madfinger Games developer has confirmed that soon you end up with support for its popular shooter first-person Dead Trigger 2 for the Windows Phone platform. Thus, the abandonment of the famous title becomes a nail in the coffin of the Microsoft operating system for mobile devices, following the abandonment of other applications such as Amazon or Opera.

A Windows Phone user sent an email to Madfinger Dead Trigger 2 is updated so that it can be executed by all devices with Windows Mobile 10, but rather than get a favorable response, got a completely hopeless statement for users of the platform.

“Unfortunately we have to announce that Dead Trigger 2 will no longer continue with the supports Windows and Amazon phones. ” However, will be able to continue your adventure on Facebook, Android and iOS whenever you access your account. “We feel the inconvenience and hope to see you in our future games.”

The same response can be found on Twitter, where the developers of the game announced the end of the Dead 2 Trigger for Windows Phone support.

@JCalMN yes, we can confirm it. It was our strategic decision. It costs us a lot of work and we didn’t support Win10.

-MADFINGER Games (@MADFINGERGames) 26 August 2016

The game was first released for Windows Phone in April of last year and now, more than one year later, Madfinger Games gives ended the relationship of Dead Trigger with Windows Phone. .

Bad times for Windows Phone

Dead Trigger 2 is not the only application that leaves Microsoft’s operating system. In fact a few weeks ago also we talked about abandonment Amazon to Windows Phone, following the strategy that started other services such as Opera Mini Windows Phone or maps from HERE.

In terms of games for mobile, there is that noted that the catalogue of Windows Phone loses a great title with Dead Trigger 2. If to this we add the absence of games as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Pokémon GO “mega success” could say that Microsoft’s operating system has no more way to go, despite the efforts of the company for alternatives with their universal application.

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