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The Galaxy TabPro S2 and the Surface Pro 5 give signs of life before the jump to 2017

Last day of the year and as progress of what lies ahead the 2017, in recent hours have come to light information about the Galaxy TabPro S2 (applicant) and the Surface Pro 5 (product line today, holding the Throne). What all lights seems to be a discreet performance of Android and the strong rise of Windows 10 within the segment is embodied in these two tablets, which will maintain a hard struggle in the coming months.

Not is both the news in concrete that come of both teams of Microsoft, the Surface Pro 5, and of Samsung, Galaxy TabPro S2, as it significant of them dates and what to all lights van to represent them two tablets in the future near. Redmond’s have left to spend a year without its iconic Tablet and a revolution in the device is expected to elevate even further. Meanwhile, the Korean looking for consolidate them sensations of the first generation and follow approaching is to Surface from a concept own.

Two Galaxy TabPro S2, in a few days, for CES 2017

A few minutes ago, SamMobile spoke to us of two models of tablet with Windows 10 which will be released at the next CES, which remains just a week. Given that the first Galaxy TabPro S, presented a year ago, it had the code SM-W700 and that the new devices will be the SM-W720 and SM-W620, practically is confirmed to be the successors of this great product.

Galaxy TabPro tablet Windows 10

The giant Korean, however, has saved very well all the information about the Galaxy TabPro S2 and not have too that advance about their features. However, is speculated with that an of the two is a Variant mini, or at least that the difference between both is find, fundamentally, in the size.

A Surface Pro 5 with screen 4 K to give the lace to the iPad Pro

While the Surface has won followers at an impressive rate in recent times, Apple has been losing bellows much more brutally. Even so, the iPad Pro is still the world’s best-selling tablet, but already with a very short lead. Microsoft goes to treat no doubt, of do pass to better life the concept slate, to force to continue betting by the 2 in 1.

Surface Pro 4 teclado

The Surface Pro 5, according to the latest rumours served by PocketNow, mount already a processor Intel Kaby Lake and a screen of UHD or 4 K resolution, i.e., from the current 2736 × 1824 to a dizzying number of 3840 × 2160 pixels. We’ll see what else is able to make Microsoft to give the final blow to his rivals during the first quarter of 2017.

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