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The Galaxy Tab with S Pen shown in images and leaves an open question

A line of really popular product within the catalog of Samsung, the Galaxy Tab A will make a major tweak in its latest model to include one of the contraptions of the most popular company among users: S Pen. This device has shown a series of images before its official launch, revealing part of his proposal: is basically the same team previously seen but with some add that it will expand its possibilities.

With all the hustle and bustle of the recent IFA (still underway, although in a more relaxed way) some important issues of the last hours have gone a little more unnoticed. Today we return to a theme of a couple of days ago which did not give time to treat, since we were immersed in a series of inexcusable official presentations: the Galaxy Tab to have a version with S-Pen and have both shown in the first filtered images.

Galaxy Tab A with S Pen: first images of the device

Revealing this images collected by our colleagues from MovilZona is very similar to the team that is already on the market, although with the S-Pen integrated into a hole like that occurs in the Galaxy Note 7. The big question that arises now originates in one of the leaked images on which the letters say Galaxy Tab A6, which does not coincide with certain expectations that pointed to that would be the model of 10.1 inches which would receive this new version.

Gatalaxy Tab A6 con S Pen

On the other hand, the images suggest a complete integration of the model Note inside the tablet. This means that we will not only have S Pen as attachment, but also applications dedicated for Samsung to take advantage of this resource.

Samsung prepares a Galaxy Tab at 10.1 S-pen

Possible spec sheet, in keeping with the middle range

Will allow me a small gesture of nostalgia but is the Galaxy Note 10.1 were my favorite tablets a couple of years ago, when Samsung was to use all the potential of its S Pen in a terminal capable of beating any tablet segment. Things have changed somewhat and the device in a big way in which is embodied the pencil points to mid-range full-fledged Exynos 7870, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage-processor.

Galaxy Tab A6 lapiz en negro
Samsung s pen galaxy A
Samsung S notas
galaxy Note menu

At the moment have no more data, but this along with the Galaxy Tab S3, are two pending Samsung teams for a 2016 about to enter their final stretch.

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