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The front camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring an interesting novelty

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is called to be the mobile more expected of Samsung in many years. And already not only for being the ship signature logo in 2017, but will be responsible for removing the injuries sustained by the failed launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And for this the signature South Korean will have that offer much innovation, that as have known today could translate is among other things in an interesting feature for the camera front of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Only a few days ago I had that one of the possible features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be provide an internal memory of 256 GB, something that would increase production costs, but that the company would not move to consumers in the final price of the phone.

The front camera of Samsung Galaxy S8, with an interesting function

That is what we have known today in a new information, that the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will count with a function very interesting and little common in the market. Is would be of the function of auto focus, normally present in them cameras traditional rear and little or nothing present in them sensors front. Of this form the camera front would give a jump of quality huge with regard to it of their predecessors and undoubtedly a trait distinctive with regard to them cameras front of its competitors.

cámara frontal del Samsung Galaxy S8

The logical thing would be to think that with the arrival of this auto focus the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the sensor also improve with respect to which we have seen in the last generations of the flagship of Samsung. As know the camera front of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is of 5 megapixels, and who knows if with the autofocus will see a sensor of 8 Megapixel, or even of 16 Megapixel, as in some of them range half of the signature. Would be it logical, accompany to a function as interesting as the autofocus of a greater resolution, with the objective of removing more party to this new feature.

Concepto de diseño del Samsung Galaxy S8

In any case there is that wait until the next month of February for know in the MWC of Barcelona to the new ship logo of the signature, that as said will be with the responsibility of recover the ground lost by the failed Galaxy Note 7. And as interesting as these security features that get it. You what looks like this feature in the front Chamber of necessary or dispensable? terminal on a flagship

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