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The first images of the HTC X 10 filters into the network

The HTC X 10, which was detected last month in a presentation before the Economic Committee of Eurasia, now it has leaked pictures showing key aspects of the design. Unfortunately this recent leak focuses above all on the front of the device, although there is also a picture that shows your upper back.

Thanks to the images of the HTC X 10 leaked on the net and detected by The Android Soul, we know that, as we were suspecting, the smartphone will be joined the range of devices of the Taiwanese firm. As you can see in the pictures below the phone would not have a fingerprint sensor, but it is not the only feature that we can guess.

htc x10
htc x10
htc x10
htc x10

It is clear that on this occasion we are faced with a device that it will mount a photographic system consisting of a single lens located in the back of a chassis that seems to mix metal and PVC manufacturing. The front, as well as screen and camera for selfies would integrate classical speakers that can be found in other models of the brand.

Possible features of the HTC X 10

The filtration of the design of the HTC X 10, comes accompanied of a series of characteristics that would come to complete and to corroborate them specifications of the smartphone from HTC that met days back. One of these features is the integration of a CPU MediaTek helium P10, a processor that presents a balanced performance oriented to optimize the energy of the battery of the new smartphone manufacturer.

Other specifications which have been leaked along with the images of the HTC X 10 speak of the presence of a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, as well as a rear camera 13 MP and up to 3 GB of RAM. At the moment there are no details of the capacity of the battery or storage, as is the case with operating system although we hope and wish that the smartphone will reach the market boasting Android Nougat.

The terminal would be presented in just a weeks with views to be marketed, unless, in China by a price close to them 287 dollars to the change. With this figure in mind is of expect that if the HTC X 10 arrives to our lands its price ronde them 299 euros, but this not are more than betting personal that not is will make reality until know more data official of the phone.

The article the first images of the HTC X 10 is filtered in the network is published in MovilZona.

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