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The executioner, the new Charter of Clash Royale, is now available

Clash Royale is without a doubt, one giving them more famous games currently and which had more impact in 2016. We discussed long ago that Clash Royale outperformed Pokémon GO as the most popular game in 2016, and is nothing strange. People of Supercell has made a simple play, entertaining game, and that it can take hundreds of hours without getting bored. Today, the news is of the new Clash Royale letter.

Video games in the mobile field increasingly is being developed more. Increasingly we see as the manufacturers and developers decide to invest much more in this field compared with years ago, and it is a fact that Yes you can have success with a mobile game. Supercell is the creator of Clash Royale, and is currently one of the best companies in its sector.

The executioner is the new Charter of Clash Royale

Every two or three weeks, Clash Royale leaves us with a new letter. The last letter we saw was the Goblin showing, arriving with the new arena Clash Royale, the jungle jungle. The policy Clash Royale is being present four letters, and get them in the game every two weeks, in this way, all users have something new in the game every two weeks. But the new Charter that we bring you today is the executioner.

As we can see in the video, that is a YouTuber who collaborates with Clash Royale, the executioner is an epic letter that has a cost of elixir 5. You have splash damage, which means that its damage does not focus on a single unit, but in several. In the video we can see how loaded most of small troops, as skeletons, minions, elves, in a very fast way.

This letter will work very well behind a tank, since most units that are attacking the tank will be charged. We can also see how it has enough life, since it resists balls of fire and other spells, but when it is faced with a letter from four elixir, it loses out almost always.

This new Clash Royale menu is available from today, and you can get from the jungle arena, so if you want to get this letter, you have to be above the 2600. For now, in the forums, it is said that this letter will be too strong and that he will need a change of balance very soon. Tell us your opinion about the executioner if you’ve already had the opportunity to try it.

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