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The design of the Oppo Find 9 with 8GB of RAM appears on a new image

The new horizon of them 8 GB of RAM could be very close, when almost not us have accustomed even to them phones of 6 GB of RAM, already there are terminals as the Oppo Find 9 that anticipate according to them leaks that will be the first phone in integrate this amount of memory. Some features we know of it, and its design only what have disclosed us some plans. A render now reveals more details of the external appearance of this expected terminal that promises to revolutionize the high range.

One of those phones that more expectations is generating in the last weeks is the Oppo Find 9. And he does it for several reasons, not only because it might be the first to integrate 8 GB of RAM, but because the rest of your sheet is just as spectacular. So far we had seen his design in planes, but at the moment nothing we had seen beyond these lines. Now a render reveals how could be its external design.

Design by Oppo Find 9 with 8GB of RAM

Now a render unveiled us part of this design, since we can only see the front of the terminal.

diseno de oppo find 9

The angular features of this new terminal of Oppo, which certainly has enough related to Find 7 and its Skyline notification, can be in this picture leaked in china besides with planes leaked a few weeks ago, so on this side seems a fairly credible filtration. Always there is that take with caution these render, but certainly seems to have some consistent with them flat.

A beast with 8GB of RAM

We very much insist on this aspect, because it is one of the most prominent, if not that, but certainly the rest of its specifications is up to. Because we are talking about that he would mount an evolution of the current Snapdragon 820, known as 821 and 823, that will give you a plus of speed and power above the current range stops. But not only that, because also integrated a spectacular dual in the rear Chamber, with two sensors of high quality that will work together.


And not just there demanding specs, because their battery of 4000mAh could be fully charged in less than 25 minutes, thanks to new technology firm VOOC Superfast loading. There is no doubt that we are before one of the most outstanding terminals around 2016, and its design seems to be at the height.

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The design of the Oppo Find 9 with 8GB of RAM appears on a new image was published in MovilZona.

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