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The Dell XPS 13 convertible, with screen touch, will be presented this week

Makes already some few months (by October), I had that Dell prepared a version in format convertible of its popular XPS 13, one of them portable more praised of the market current. More or less, all details that came to light at that time have been accurate, and we already prepare to receive official announcement for this team during the CES, which will take place at the end of this week. Give you all the details.

Through 2017, expected that the growth of convertible and 2 in 1 with Windows 10 passes to a new level. For this reason, many of the larger manufacturers will try it in a resolute manner, although Samsung and Microsoft, it seems, will take the baton. Even so, important names of the computer looking for a hit of authority, and firms such as Huawei, Lenovo or Dell, with a huge number of faithful back, going to try to get a position in the segment.

It will be the Dell XPS 13 in convertible format

In your web official, the own manufacturer us shows the first images of what will be the Dell XPS 13 (9365) in its version touch and convertible. The data about the computer not abound, however, we have notion of the basics. The front will have the same Infinity Edgefinish, while the processor will be served by Intel of its new series El Lake. In terms of RAM and storage capacity not expect changes.

Dell XPS 13 tablet

In what respect to the GPU, in its variants of more level, should be wait a Nvidia GTX 1050. Another detail that lack of confirm and that could give you a point interesting to the convertible is a reader of fingerprints in any area of the cover. As we can see in the picture, this XPS 13 will not remove screen and keyboard but they both rotate in 360 degrees, the style that popularized Lenovo with their Yoga.

A great CES for Windows in 2017

Waiting for a resurgence of Android, we are clear that this CES in las Vegas will be Windows 10 territory in 2017. To the Dell XPS 13 convertible is very possible that is add a pair of tablets of Samsung, under the name Galaxy TabPro S2, more teams of Lenovo and who knows also if a MateBook 2. Nor it is unreasonable to expect something of Xiaomi.

What a priori will be the highlight of the platform, a Surface Pro 5, however, it will enter in scene a little later, although before April in any case.


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