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The curves of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 unveiled at multiple images

Is increasingly less so that the Xiaomi my Note 2 is official and, at the same time, many of its features are going know little by little. An example is that it have released several images that show how will be the design of this phablet of the Chinese company and he expected the best.

Case is that the information that has become known confirms that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will arrive with an appearance in which the curves will be very present, by what the manufacturer definitely will undertake a change that cannot should not delay more: a design different and more current with the times which are exposed, without that why is dispense with the metal on the device. The case is that its appearance will be much more attractive and different.

Imagen frontal del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Also, the display of the Xiaomi my Note 2 maintains the curvature, by what is would seem quite the Edge that is includes in the models more powerful of Samsung and, of this form, is would seek to compete with the company Korean. Apart, clearly are can see that the camera main of the device would have two sensors (as occurs with the of the Huawei Honor 8) and will be of the split a port USB type C.

A new image of the Xiaomi my Note 2 confirms part of your tab technical

A hardware very respectable

The truth is that in my Xiaomi Note 2 there will be no particularly weak point, hardware that has been dating indicates that it will be part of the high end on its own merits. Thus, the processor that will integrate will be a Snapdragon 820 (bet by the SoC evolved 821 has sense, but it certain is that finally not appears that this is of the split.) In addition, the RAM will amount to them 6 GB, by what would highlight in this paragraph.

Bordes del Xiaomi Mi Note 2
Sensor dual del Xiaomi Mi Note 2
Imagen trasera del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The operating system, with customization MIUI, could be 7.0 Android according to some sources. This will be that see it, since would be novel to Xiaomi offer as fast a leap of version in its firmware. Separately, the internal storage would be 64 GB, a good amount, and the display of the device would have 5.5 inch with quality Full HD, so it would have no QHD for now.

Imagen frontal del Xiaomi Mi Note 2

A picture shows the Xiaomi my Note 2 with Android 7.0 Nougat

The truth is that “paint” quite well the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but we will see if this model makes the Asian company upriver in part on its sales, competition from manufacturers such as Huawei, live or Oppo is by cutting its market share in countries like, for example, China.

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