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The Cube i7 Book already has a successor: a new Cube Mix Plus Debuts Intel Core m3-7Y30

In the middle of this year, Cube presented it to our understanding is the best Chinese tablet of import of 2016, the Cube i7 Book, which combined two elements of authentic luxury: support for Wacom and processor technology Intel Core m3, which leaves on the floor many devices ATOM Cherry Trail in a matter of performance. This signature, however, continues to evolve and just of make official its tablet Mix Plus, with chip Intel of new generation.

Although there are many other interesting brands within spectrum, few are betting form so determined to include in their products some elite elements, although that may lead logically to raise prices a little. Cube has our reach, with the i7 Book, a terminal of post-retirement benefits to many of the best teams that have populated the segment this year, and not content with this, in the firm have been proposed maintain an accelerated pace of evolution.

Cube Mix Plus: technical specifications

For now, the Note to which advertises this Cube Mix Plus is only in Chinese, so we are not able to go too much into detail. However, there are features other recognizable referring to several of the qualities of the product and that make us be very excited in this regard. The IPS screen will remain at 10.6 inches and 1080 p resolution, while the processor is now a m3-7Y30 with a frequency of 2, 6 GHz. The RAM is the internal storage amounts to 128 GBand 4GB.

Cube Mix Plus precio lanzamiento

In terms of design, we can see that now the team shown in white, although the keyboard and anchor with screen system maintain strength, apparently, similar. Must make mention to the seal of Wacom for the pencil, although by now not can clarify if is has given the jump, incorporating them last developments of the company or is maintains in the guidelines of past generations.

Price and date of release

The price of release of this Cube Mix Plus will be of $360. However, if we think of the Cube i7 Book and different team with reason discounts of Black Friday, the other day, but also of earlier rebates, coupons, special and other offerings, would not surprise us see it with some frequency around 300 euros, or perhaps something less.

Cube i7 Book m3 sucesora

In terms of the availability, we know there is nothing concrete. However, it seems that the thing is imminent and that in a matter of days sale opens to the public in the first runs. Logically there will be that search this Cube Mix Plus in the pages standard of import.

The Cube item i7 Book already has a successor: a new Cube Mix Plus Debuts Intel Core m3-7Y30 was published in TabletZona.

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