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The cheapest 5s than ever at Amazon iPhone

On numerous occasions I have shown different offers and discounts on mobile phones to save a few euros to renew your smartphone. Usually these items refer to models launched in the last year, but today we’re going to back further in time to talk about the presence of iPhone 5s cheaper than ever at Amazon.

And it is that 5s iPhone despite carrying between us just over 3 years, remains one of the mobile best valued by the users of Apple, who think that the company had not abandoned the design of this model specifically and that it is still present in the iPhone is. Indeed iPhone 5s was one of the terminals of the company better received by the technology community, until complaints about the lack of news and the stagnation of the firm make dent in the sales of Apple.

Of course, while the iPhone is presents features much more updated, also there is that noted that currently the price of this model, both in Amazon as in it own page of Apple presents a price close to them 420 euros. Of this form if like a smartphone of size compact that despite carry several years in the market to day of today continues being a good option to start you in iOS, you can do you with the iPhone 5s by 130 euros less.

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EUR 285,00 EUR

Again and as usual in such articles, except for those products designated by Amazon, we have no way of knowing how long stays iPhone cheapest 5s than ever on the website. That is why, if you convince yourself the terminal and the price, we recommend checking your final cost before finalizing the order.

Features of the iPhone 5s

Already have spoken on numerous occasions of them different smartphones of Apple, but since in this occasion is is of a smartphone released to the market makes enough time, you remember that is is of a terminal with a screen IPS of 4 inch that hides a processor Apple A7, a chip Dual-Core running to a speed of 1.3 GHz, with 1 GB of RAM.

In regards to the storage device, 5s on offer at Amazon iPhone has 16 GB of internal memory, as well as a 8 megapixel rear camera, all with 7 iOS operating system that today already you can update to iOS 10.

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