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The characteristics attributed to the Moto M would correspond with the Lenovo P2

Yesterday on Twitter filtered the list of the main features of a smartphone which were quickly associated with Moto M, one of the smartphones of Lenovo who is rumored will be presented shortly. However, the source responsible for disseminating the first data has been forced to offer more information in this regard since media quickly attributed those specifications m. bike But a new screenshot of the list of features does expose that data actually belong to the Lenovo P2.

It didn’t take long for the network of networks to echoing the filtration, given the interesting technical characteristics of the equipment. The order of publication in Twitter account behind the person in charge of the filtration hinted that the specifications list corresponded to motorcycle M. why? As because to the publication of a photography of the quoted Moto M you followed another captures with them specifications and a brief message that put December, a message between lines that did think in said month as the time for its presentation. Thus information on the Internet was disseminated and which we ourselves did echo this morning. However, before the significance that has acquired the news, the source has nuanced its leaks.

Features of Lenovo P2

Anyone can check the chronological order and the type of tweets published by krispitech, the mind behind the leaks. With an expressive “Nooooo…” in reference to the news published by Phone Arena, subsequently published technical time full model which initially referred.

Dear everybody, this is NOT motorcycle M specs.

-krispitech (@krispitech) October 28, 2016

In this document, as you can check yourselves, figure the name of Lenovo P2. Therefore, features initially associated the M bike are really the Lenovo P2. If we further rizamos the loop we have indicate that this already was unveiled in China in early September, although we have not returned to have news on the matter.

Lenovo P2 = Moto M?

What sense does therefore appear filtration characteristics of a new model when they actually correspond to a smartphone that was already known in China as Lenovo Vibe P2? Is it really the same model? Is the Chinese version of the Moto M Lenovo P2? Said in other words, is the bike M amended for the European and American market?características del Lenovo P2

The truth is that features initially associated the M bike fit according to your design, especially in what refers to the battery with capacity of 5,100 mAh. And it is that the leaked photos of the bike M to date reveal that it is not just a slim Smartphone, physical detail inherent to a phone with a bulky battery.

Article characteristics attributed to the Moto M would correspond with the Lenovo P2 was published in MovilZona.

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