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The challenges that Nokia will have to face in his comeback this year

During 2016 we speak repeatedly of Finland’s Nokia. The company, that had last by a stage complex in them last years, seemed be willing to leave back all it happened in the last and to get that the 2017 marked a point of inflection in the history of the brand. As you have commented in other occasions, the sector of the electronic of consumption is resembles much to a mountain Russian and them models or companies that a day are in the Summit, to the day following can fall and stay on the edge of the disappearance. The high speed to which is produced all those changes and that defines to the world of the technology, in many cases, also is a factor determinant.

We all know that saying “New year, new life” and today, I’ll talk about Nokia but not focusing on devices that could present, but rather, on the challenges that they will have to face in 2017 in a context in which, in spite of that it follows through the time, we still found, and perhaps stronger than ever , a great competition between the different actors. We can talk in a year that the technology based in Espoo has managed to regain the favor of users, or however, we will be facing a new dark chapter in the history of the big companies that once made history?

nokia m510 pantalla

1. the rival Asian

Began, as not could be less, with the challenge that perhaps is more complicated by resolve but not only by Nokia, but for the greater part of companies European and American. As all know, Japan and Korea of the South continue being relating and the position of some companies of both countries is unquestionable, but still there is more: the push Chinese, that during them last years, has shaken with force both the land of them tablets as the of them smartphones and of which all know them strategies used by them marks of the country of the great wall. Will help Nokia to put to Europe with more strength within the map technological world?

2. delete the link with Microsoft

The series Lumia not fulfilled with the expectations that had deposited in her both them of Redmond as them of Espoo. A number of units sold less of it planned, not only had impact in them results financial of both companies, but also was interpreted by many as an error of which the two technological would take in recover is. The decisions from the headquarters of both companies were swift: at the end of 2016 was officially commercialise any device belonging to this family of smartphones. From Microsoft, they assured that efforts now would focus on Surface Phone. On the other hand, this served to Nokia to launch back to the creation of new models on their own.


3. the market for tablets

2017 seems to be, for many experts, the year in which is will put end to them 2 last exercises in which the numbers of sales of tablets have fallen gradually. The appearance of new formats and the boom of the convertible, could be the causes of this change of trend. However, the saturation of the sector continues to be present and for Finland, which had good results in markets like the Chinese with terminals as the N1, launched in 2015, this could be one further obstacle. For trying to make facing this, the company would prepare a new device called D1C, that already is left see in October and that is would characterize by its great size, and the made of come accompanied not of Windows, but of the last member of the family Android.

4. competitiveness and adaptation

Fourthly, we find an element in which the public has a role. While we have all heard of Nokia and in his day, many users possessed one of the models made by the company, the truth is that the own rhythm so hectic market and the constant newdevice appearance, makes consumers to focus their attention on other tablets and smartphones that manage to adapt to the needs of a diversified collective forgetting signatures which in their day were the most popular. While in 2017 is expected the launch of at least 4 smartphones from Finnish lands, is this enough to capture an audience that demands high performance with cost more palatable?

nokia p1 colores

As you have seen, Nokia has some challenges along the way they will need time to be resolved, but that however, does not mean that they are impossible to overcome. Do you think that the company may get out of all of them and become once again a benchmark? Do you think that in the current situation where are hundreds of brands, a lasting consolidation is something difficult to achieve for all manufacturers? You have available more information such as what already has been revealed for one of the phablets that could be one of the jewels in the Crown of the technology, called P1, so you can say to yourselves.

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