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The bokeh effect and Honor 8-test approach

We continue with the round of tests that are making our testers to 8 Honor and, above all, its dual camera. Already you could know your opinion about the camera, but this time all of them focus on a special feature, the ability of play with its selective approach both during and after taking a snapshot.

It is, without a doubt, one of the features that stand out most of these new terminals with double Chamber. They put us within reach of the finger the possibility of making some really professional effects and until recently only accessible with a reflex, with a mobile phone, such as the well-known bokeh effect.

What is the effect bokeh?

It is a photographic effect that comes from Japanese and means literally blur. It is used to refer to the detail of some photographs that focus on certain part of the image to blur then elsewhere.

Taking party in Honor 8 bokeh effect

And for start there will be that show how is uses this element in the camera, i.e. the approach of the Honor 8 that little has that envy to that is get with a reflex. Above all, the less seasoned in photography will, on an interface simple and easy to use, an effect to their fingertips that can be applied when taking the photo and, in addition, ex post if they have not been convinced. “Allows you to save pictures with different blurs and degrees of the same, which allows to obtain the desired effect without having to shoot many photos, as with a reflex” we commented Carlos Santa Engracia de Andro4All.

These are the results that obtained the approach of the Honor 8

But as one thing is to say it and another to do so, have tests that have made our testers this function of focus 8 Honor, proving it is possible to change terms on images quickly and easily at any time. Starting with the exterior, where in addition to the video Carlos sent us this comparative:

terraza  con enfoque y desenfoque de fondo

Moreover, to give us the complementary, Jaume, the other half of Andro4All, also highlighted the work of this function in interior where “the lack of light not is a problem because has with an opening f / 2.2”.

pasillo enfocado y desenfocado

Finally, which also shows the versatility of this element in Honor 8 is Javier Sanz, who made actor with bluetooth headsets used to train in this shot before leaving to take a few races.

auriculares enfocados y desenfocados

In this case, the Honor 8 camera faces, though does not look like it, a complicated moment in which up to an SLR would have it complicated. The light of the Fund is predominantly and could do that the image was burned in that part or that not is viera the element that we are photographing. As see, both in an as in another, with an effect that is has attained simply moving a finger on the screen, is get tomas balanced, crisp and with all them elements perfectly illuminated is what is the case.

You say what about the opinion of the last of the testers? Edu Pruni us has commented a detail that only can see if have the mobile in the hand, and is that besides the possibility of make this game of blurs, us conveyed that “what more surprises is the speed to which focuses on the Honor 8. ” It is almost instant and this coupled with the possibility of subsequently playing with blur, allows you to always share a perfect shot”.

Our testers are still squeezing Honor 8 so you don’t despist√©is you because soon I will show some other interesting detail more than they wanted to share with you and, above all, their final conclusions on 8 Honor and how has become a very useful resource to your day to day.

The article the effect bokeh and the approach of the Honor 8 to test is published in MovilZona.

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