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The beta of iOS 10.1 hides an important optimization for the iPhone 7 Plus

Last week released the first version of iOS 10.1 tests. In principle, this new version for developers included them typical patches to correct errors and, especially, the mode portrait to take advantage of to the maximum the double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. However, after testing the upgrade, users have detected an important optimization that has propelled the performance of their phablet, closely related to the 3 GB of RAM of the device.

The presentation of the iPhone 7 Plus left patent that Apple would launch its phablet without having polished its software. The best example it can see in the presentation of an of them functions star of the double camera, while initially not would be available to their customers because iOS 10 not included support. We refer to the mode portrait, that through which is possible extract all the capabilities and qualities of the system of double camera, an of them features more outstanding of the same. That function was activated in the first beta of iOS 10.1 it last week, although under the experience of who have could try the update, not is it unique.

iOS 10.1 Beta brings more surprises

As discussed on Reddit, update as an iOS 10.1 Beta includes more than just the portrait mode. The users have perceived an improves substantial in the operation of the multi-tasking and all has been attributed to an optimization applied by Apple. The experience recounted by those who have had the opportunity to try iOS 10.1 on the iPhone 7 Plus talk of a greater fluidity, but above all faster when running apps in background. Why wouldn’t another forming an independent optimization for the phablet, in such a way that the kernel able to manage a more optimal and efficient extra of RAM including the iPhone 7 Plus.Doble cámara del iPhone 7 Plus

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The 3 GB of RAM of the iPhone 7 Plus, more exploited

Have of remind that an of the differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus lies not only in the double camera, but also in the amount of memory RAM. While the first has of 2 GB of RAM, the second includes 3 GB of RAM, priori not only by issue of marketing, but by reasons technical to support the tool that manages them functions specific of the quoted double camera.

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Mode that is, iOS 10.1 Beta 1 improves this section substantially, an optimization that will now have to reach all users through a public update, a decision that depends solely on Apple. Is of expect that this patch is released when the version beta of the firmware released recently is tested and will check that is stable, free of errors.

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