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The best tablets professional of 2016

In the next article we showed you a list drawn up by us with we believe them that the top 5 are professional tablets of this 2016 ending. Have tried that the selection is it more varied possible and is adjustment to all the needs, by what any of them tablets that have included perhaps would have a good replacement, but also met with some trait of distinctiveness special.

While the field of tablets slate or pure is experiencing a small drought and quite possibly prepares for a deep reformulation for years to come, so the convertible and 2 in 1 have confirmed its boom over the 2016, and many Android manufacturers have tested the jump to Windows 10. From our point of view, these are the best hybrids released during the past twelve months.

Surface Book Performance Base

We have chosen this model because it is the last to reach the Microsoftcatalog, while the former were present in 2015. However, the Surface Pro 4 might include in our list without any problem.

Performance Base Intel Core i7

This Performance Base of the Surface Book version extends the area of the keyboard up turns to the processor without losing balance and affect its temperature. It is otherwise a flawless product. Starting of the base of the notebook, them of Redmond is have pulled out of the sleeve a team spectacular. The best of the market if the budget does not is a problem.

Cube i7 Book

This tablet repeats in one of our lists this year, after appearing among the best devices from importation of 2016. It is, almost certainly, the best team to work that one can get below 400 euros.

Cube i7 Book codigo promocional

Its two great values to be among large professional tablets, as well as the extraordinary design, are: 1) the processor Intel Core m3, by over in performance offered many other equipment from Chinese manufacturers, and 2) the Stylus of Wacom, more advanced for some profession than Apple or on the Surface. The keyboard is also an excellent business.

Samsung Galaxy S TabPro

This device, an special affection we have in writing. We loved it when we had it in your hands and our readers awarded the Prize to the best convertible of the year and we believe that this distinction is very deserved.

Galaxy TabPro tablet Windows 10

As the Surface Book part of a portable concept, this Galaxy TabPro S arises from the tablet and tries to build a lightweight, long range and excellent screen ultra team that can also work advanced from that scheme. By put him a “but”, its fine design makes impossible give fitted to more ports, which, perhaps, would result desirable.

iPad Pro

Although we have doubted if put the iPad Pro in this list of tablets professional, to the final have assigned and you have why. Is clear that the team not going to pay as well as a Windows 10 and that its keyboard is, by say it of a way soft, limited, as their ports.

iPad Pro teclado tactil

Even thus represents perhaps the best option productive for a system operating light and all what failure the keyboard, it compensates for the Apple Pencil. The part positive is the own of iOS: large quantity of applications dedicated to the productivity, of payment and not, optimized for tablets.

Lenovo Yoga Book

If we follow usually you may have noticed with all security of that is one of our devices favorite of this year. Simply, is a model original that has gotten lead it tactility a step more beyond to win in lightness.

Yoga Book teclado holo real pen

It have included in the list, but has perhaps other tablets professional more powerful, to compensate the made of that figure the iPad Pro. If seek an Android with which work, this is certainly the choice winner. Of course, if what you are looking for in lightness in Windows 10 also competes between them best in their range of 600 euros.

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