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The best jokes for WhatsApp for December 28

Day 28 December is already here, and if you have not even been victim of a cruel April fool, or want to return the joke to any contact, then we show you the best jokes for WhatsApp that “you a laugh” at the expense of your victims. Remember make use of the following options with moderation, not us blame if after make use of them you stay without friends.

Humor images

Although in Internet there are numerous pages of humor of which remove images and texts for “fanatics” to your known, can make use of the page of Wasapeo to find all those jokes for WhatsApp that need a day as today. Of course, also can download any application to make more easy the process.

As it could not be otherwise, among these images to play tricks on WhatsApp application you will find the classic “WhatsApp black”

WP-Appbox: Whatsapp Moreno II (free, Google Play) →

Creates a news false

The length and width of the Internet there are many tools that you can use to create a false story where your victim is the protagonist. Thank you, for example, to can customize all type of nonsensical articles to take the hair to your friends. An of those jokes for WhatsApp ideal for sharing in groups from the application of messaging instant.

Sales Tu

Texts for “fanatics”

Since the invention of the SMS; the messages of text always is have used for hesitating to our contacts. With these texts you can play tricks by WhatsApp quickly and easily.

  • WhatsApp will shut down the servers in our country by an excess of users, to prevent this only press the button to turn off for 200 seconds and turn the phone back on.
  • (Vodafone, Movistar, Orange, Yoigo, etc…) It is reported that it has been selected for a free refill. To activate it outreach must spend all the balance that you remains in the next minutes.
  • We inform you that the proper use of our service, earlier this month and during all the year 2017 messages sent through WhatsApp will have a cost of 1 ct.
  • If this message reaches you 1,000 times do not panic, just I’m doing tests.

Applications to play tricks by WhatsApp

Of course, not could let pass the opportunity of review them many applications for Android and iOS with which can send jokes by WhatsApp. Then you leave an interesting list of apps designed for hesitation and “fanatics” your victims generating calls false on WhatsApp or creating false more entertaining conversations. All ready to store in your phone’s memory and thus share it with who you want on this day of the innocents.

WP-Appbox: Juasapp – phone jokes (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Jokes for WhatsApp and compliments (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Fake Conversation (free, App Store) →

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WP-Appbox: WhatsFake (create chats false) (free, Google Play) →

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