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The best apps and games to take advantage of the Chromecast on your Smart TV

The Chromecast is possibly one of the cheaper products in the Android world with more utilities. This product no more than 40 euros in its second version is one of the most recommended gifts in these times for people who can not enjoy a Smart TV in their homes. We have to say that there is already an evolution of this product in the market, and is the Chromecast Ultra, which can play content in 4 K and improves the connections.

Applications to view content, and play

We know that the Chromecast offers you a wide range of content because you can play them from your own mobile, and is for this reason that today, today we bring you a collection of the best players of content that can be shared in Chromecast and the best games, or you can see just from your screen and play them from your mobile, or that television is part game , so we started with the compilation.


This is without a doubt, an of the applications more useful and that more use have in the day to day in the Chromecast. From the year last that Netflix is available in Spain, and gradually is expanding its catalogue each time more, although already us found a catalogue quite broad and with many novelties. Above all, this application is made to consume content as a series. It must be said that we talk about an payment application, with a service of 7.99 euros per month for the most basic version.

WP-Appbox: Netflix (free+, Google Play) →

Radioline radio

For the lovers of the radio, also have an application with which enjoy it in the Chromecast. Us brings all the stations possible, with a great management of them and with the possibility of hear podcasts or programs of radio of makes some days. Without a doubt, one of the best applications to listen to the radio on your television.

WP-Appbox: Radioline radio (free+, Google Play) →

The television on your mobile

This is not an application in itself, since we are going to discuss the three best applications so that you can enjoy your Chromecast television from your mobile. The best advantage of these applications with respect to the television normal is the possibility of choose what like see and when it like do. These applications are Atresplayer, MiTele and RTVE mobile.

WP-Appbox: | Tablet (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Atresplayer (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Mitele – TV on demand (free, Google Play) →


As one of the most used in every possible device applications isn’t YouTube. This application seems to will never happen fashion, since, if there is a video on the internet, it is on YouTube. You can play, thanks to the Chromecast, all possible content on YouTube on your television.

WP-Appbox: YouTube (free, Google Play) →


Pordede has become one of the most important sites if we talk about movies and series online. We are lucky that we can enjoy this platform in the mobile thanks to XDeDe.

WP-Appbox: XDeDe (free+, Google Play) →

Just Dance Now

Ubisoft has gotten squarely in the mobile market, and especially in the Chromecast with this game. Just Dance Now now supports the Chromecast, which lets us see a new way to play games, using the phone as if it were a command of the Play Station.

WP-Appbox: Just Dance Now (free+, Google Play) →

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games. It is so popular that even took a movie of it, but what is important today is having compatibility in Chromecast, which will allow us to play on a screen as big as a television.

WP-Appbox: Angry Birds Friends (free+, Google Play) →

Motion Tennis Cast

This game tries to recover the essence of one of the most famous games of the Wii, which will use the phone as a tennis racket to play it, thus emulating the system Wii Sports had with his command of the Wii. Of time, still has some things to improve, but has enough potential.

WP-Appbox: Motion Tennis Cast (free+, Google Play) →

Angry Birds GO

Wanted to find an exponent in this paragraph on games of cars, but the best that we have found in is of the Angry Birds GO. Is the game of the company for play to racing of cars, and thanks to its compatibility with Chromecast us leaves an experience quite good.

WP-Appbox: Angry Birds Go! (Free+, Google Play) →

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