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The best applications for teachers on the day of the teacher

In the times that run, there is a celebration which increasingly becomes more important by the important figure who pays tribute, the master. A day designated for thousands of teachers from throughout Spain every day working to improve the education of our children and which are not always rewarded as they should. Well, today is the day of the teacher, and we want to celebrate it with some of the best applications that can be found to complement the work of the teachers.

In the back to school we already reviewed the best applications to help students to improve their performance, complementing its daily activity with more organization thanks to the use of our smartphone, as we can see in this collection.

Now we are going to meet some of the best applications for teachers on the day of the master being held today and to which everyone can join us.

Notebook of Professor Additio, ideal to celebrate the day of the teacher

The majority of existing applications in the different Stores designed for teachers offer a simple and productive way to keep track of the activities in their respective classes, which are ideal to celebrate the day of the teacher. That is what gives this Notebook of Professor Additio, offering to continue the day’s classes in an application that does not need Internet connection to operate. This app allows us to use it to keep calendars, student groups, holidays or use it as a notebook. We can calculate averages and the management of notes with very simple formulas.

Día del maestro

WP-Appbox: Notebook of Professor Additio (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Additio – notebook Professor (free+, App Store) →

The teacher FREE notebook

Another application that allows teachers to make a personalized follow-up of the evolution of their students and all tasks that must be completed. Unlike other similar applications, this is completely free. Offers features such as flexible with various types of note notebook as numerical notes, notes, notes of free text, icon, calculated notes, list of values, headings, assessment using rubrics from file CSV, automatic calculation of the final grade.

Día del maestro

WP-Appbox: Notebook teacher FREE (free+, Google Play) →

Teacher notes

This application allows us to follow a class of up to forty students and ten notes per student. This application serves primarily for teachers to make an exhaustive monitoring of the projection of each student, their skills, positive and negative. This information can be seen in a preview that shows by charts the evolution of every student in the class. Every note we make positive or negative will generate a statistic that will reveal us the performance of the student.

Día del maestro

WP-Appbox: Notes of the Professor (free, Google Play) →

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