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The application of some Google Pixel camera does not work properly

While the commercial start of the Google Pixel seems to have been better than expected by the company, the Internet giant has had to deal with several problems detected in their smartphones star. The camera, one of the fundamental pillars for its features, has already been focus of mistakes in the past, although it continues to be so, this time by another type of error. Apparently, an unknown number of Google Pixel camera application presents a decision that directly affects the resulting photos.

During the presentation of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL Google, the search engine special emphasis was that they turned on smartphones with best camera on the market. In fact, despite not having optical stabilizer of image, the DxOMark test they gave the highest score to a smartphone camera.

Failures detected in the Google Pixel camera

However, shortly after its commercial launch some users began to check how the lens of Google teams was a beam of light in photos that appeared to direct light sources. However, it is not the only problem that will face those of Mountain View to solve the problems of the Google Pixel camera. And it is that as you can see in the Google discussion forums, an unknown number of users have been grouped to verify that they have problems with the application of Google Pixel camera.Cámara con flash del Google Pixel XL

And is that, apparently, the app that manages the same camera has problems with great instability and forced closures, but that in turn has another major drawback. And it is as shown in the example screenshots, some sections of the screen appearing with photos where the colors are distorted and appear other colours very different from those required for a scene photo. Occasionally, are strips of Fuchsia pink, with a random extension, regardless of the area in which they are set.

Google plans to fix it with an update

Some of them affected, of which not there is record of the volume of them themselves, has exposed its problems with the application of the camera of the Google Pixel in forums of discussion in which is have gone grouping all those that experience the same failed. In fact, some of them have submitted complaints to the search engine and it has responded that in next updates they will correct the problem, however, today there is still some users who keep Google Pixelcamera problems.

Aplicación de cámara del Google Pixel
Error en la aplicación de cámara de Google Pixel
Aberraciones cromáticas en la cámara del Google Pixel

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