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Textgram: Customize even more with words your photos favorite

In an environment with an offer of applications that not for of increase, it innovation is converts in an of the key of the success. This can happen either, by the inclusion of differentiating elements which lack other platforms, or on the other hand, through a greater role of the public which translates into a capacity of customization that allows you to adapt to your tastes and needs in the best possible way.

Photographic tools, along with social networks and messaging, are the most in demand by consumers, but also, which supported more pressure. It improves of the features of image of them terminals, as you have reminded in other occasions, requires of platforms more precise that go a step forward. In this situation we find examples such as Textgram, which now give you more details and intends to be the ideal complement for the most used in the world.


As remembered some lines more up, Textgram aims to supplement the deficiencies that can find in others apps of its category. In this case, the change comes by the possibility of add text of different styles to the photographs that take. On the other hand, allows add tags and use a series of filters and effects as e.g., appointments that by its appearance us remind to them graffiti or frames in which encompass every written.

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One of the most attractive points of the platform according to its developers, is an interface that we can remember much to other apps like Instagram , allowing, at first sight, use different functions and choose from the catalog of sources without too much effort. As occurs in these applications, the capacity of customization is converts in an element fundamental that a time more, is reflected in the possibility of choose between them different formats of Edition.


Textgram not have no cost initial, what le has served for route is towards them 50 million of users. However, a high figure doesn’t mean that your reception is quite good, since has received lots of criticism in aspects such as closures, unexpected when trying to save the changes, or the need to purchase to unlock all of the functions and that they can achieve the 1.54 euros per element. Another of the more negative aspects for many, is the fact that it is not available in several languages.

WP-Appbox: Textgram-write on photos (free*, Google Play) →

Think that Textgram may be useful for those that wish to create cards through their photographs and customize them more? You have available more information about other similar as InstaSize so that you can say to yourselves.

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