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Test and the Moto Z view

One of the terminals that is different than those currently available on the market is the Moto Z.  It is certainly not the first that offers accessories that are integrated in the terminal itself, an example is LG G5, but how to implement this option seems much better and, therefore, attractive and with a veneer to maintain in the future. Thus, the view of the Moto Z is positive as we will discuss.

This model, beyond accessories, should be considered as high. And this is so since components that integrates as well confirm it. For example, your processor is a Snapdragon 820, allowing you to offer a performance really well in all environments (games included, since the GPU is a 530 Adreno). Is the RAM that is the starting of 4 GB, so is not the largest that can be seen on a mobile device, but it fits with what you would expect.

The display of the device is of 5.5 inch , with a resolution of QHD, so is exceeded without problems the 500 PPI of density of pixels and the opinion of the Moto Z this section is pretty good, since it fits in size and quality. By the way, one of the details that you have to evaluate the Terminal is its thickness of only 5.2 mm, which is spectacular.

More testing and opinion of the Moto Z

The integrated technology of fast recharge battery, is 2,600 mah. We will see in the complete test as it is his behavior, but the truth is that I could wait a little amperage (but the thickness before mentioned, has much to do in this). As regards the Accessories System, where for example there is from a projector to additional speakers from JBL, is achieved by a system of magnet in which there are a few contact pins that make the work. Moto Z therefore opinion is excellent and it is certain that we have not found any problem.

Imagen trasera del Moto Z

Good initial sensations of the smartphone and, therefore, first opinion of the Moto Z cannot be better – a model which, by the way, already has de Android Nougat -. If you want to know all the conclusions that we’ve drawn Moto z, can do so at this link.

The test article and opinion of the Moto Z was published in MovilZona.

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