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Telstra rectified and not apply their new and controversial conditions

Yoigo not apply the new conditions of contract which yesterday staged the morning briefing and bet on maintaining the quality of service to its users. Certainly a wise decision of understanding the needs of customers and act in the appropriate manner.

Sources of Telstra have communicated and confirmed exclusively to ADSLZone which we talked yesterday and conditions that limited the possibility of sharing Internet claiming to “responsible” use by the user, Finally they will not enter into force. In this way the company to respond with a clear commitment by the quality of service and the satisfaction of the customer against the “warm welcome” that took these conditions yesterday and which we discussed in our forum dedicated to the operator.

We also know, that firm will not impose any limit to the quality of viewing of YouTube videos or to the Tethering to share data between a mobile phone and other devices. So anticipating it yesterday same CM Telstra via Twitter.

condiciones yoigo

Changes in the conditions of Telstra

The origin of all this controversy that now the operator wants to end are different points found in the conditions to ensure the quality of the service. In them were the possibility of restricting the quality of the videos stream at 480 p (now may see 720 p (HD)), the famous prohibicion make tethering with your smartphone, limit calls of more than 90 minutes (or different calls above 6 o’clock), as well as the impossibility of forcing coverage.

Our colleagues from ADSLZone took advantage of the event’s presentation of the new rates for the company to inquire about these controversial decisions that they would begin to apply on Feb. 16, to what company managers said that the aim is always, and it has been, offer the highest quality to its customers.

condiciones yoigo

After these words, which seemed to calm users seeking explanations through social networks, Telstra has opted for the most anticipated solution: rectify the new conditions of the contracts. In this way the operator has confirmed that users will not suffer any of the limitations that we told you about yesterday and all the conditions published in its website are abandoned.

In other words: the users and the company’s clients may enjoy its mobile rates as far and manage their mobile data as they wish. Indeed, at this very moment conditions have been removed from the web.

web yoigo

The Yoigo article rectified and not apply their new and controversial conditions was published in MovilZona.

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