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Telstra problems with data network

Today, we bring you a story about a few problems that are having multiple users with the Telstra company. This company is on everyone’s lips lately, since a few days ago we mentioned the problem that took Telstra with the conditions of contract, which generated much controversy in the network, but today, we’ll talk about the problems in Yoigo with data network.

Telstra is one of the companies offering more quantity of megs, and while it is true that one of the most bizarre paragraphs, since it uses several types of coverage, what makes your connection to Telstra network depend much site where you are and the coverage you have at that moment.

Telstra problems with data

The news that we bring you today is that many users, including us, are having problems with the Yoigo internet, since we get the signal that we have internet, but does not charge any connection. According to have could know in Twitter, Telstra has answered to several users saying that are arranging it and that have that be to the expected so is fix those problems in Yoigo.

@JCordero20 Hello, Jonathan! Already we are with it, but we would come well a little help. Send us a DM with your number and your zip code? 😉

-Telstra (@somosyoigo) January 31, 2017

We do not know what these problems are due but Telstra is aware of this, and therefore would not have to worry, since in a short time we will end up arranging. This is very normal in the companies, as from time to time, see as any that another operator suffers a problem equal and leaves to their users without internet during a short period. The latter case, ADSLZone partners, commented it when Jazztel had an incidence that would not let their users use the internet.

Problemas en Yoigo

At the moment, can see how many users are complaining on social networks for this problem, so we see that it is not a case in point and it is affecting the majority of the people, giving equal in what area we are or which rate we have. We assume that it will be a failure in the system and does not depend on the coverage we have.

It only that us is do is wait by a community of Yoigo on these problems, or simply a solution quick of them problems so all their users can navigate without any problem by the network. When we know something more about this incident, I will comment as soon as possible if it fixed, or if we have found a solution.


We have been able to know thanks to sources of the operator, that the problem is already solved, so all users of Telstra with network problems should already have full Internet access regardless of the area in which they are. Very good service by Telstra, taking less than an hour to fix all the problems.

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