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Telstra already allows you to pay for purchases of Google Play in the invoice

Telstra has joined the bandwagon of operators that allow us to unite our phone with Google Play shopping Bill and now can pay it any content or app that we download from the Android store next to rate each month.

The operator that is now in the hands of Másmovil continues its path of time alone and announces new products. This time aren’t extensions of the myriad of 20 GB, which has already accustomed us every time, but a function really comfortable for who does not want to put your credit card in Google Play.

Now already linked our Bill on Telstra to store apps and content can be and, at end of month, will receive a new section on it in addition to the minutes and megabytes also spent apps and content purchased. In particular, the concept will be “consumption not subject to tax Premium” and “Shopping in Google Play” appears on the detail.

How is active the payment of apps and content in Google Play with the invoice from Telstra?

To the customers, to the buy in Google Play from the mobile or Tablet, is them will ask that choose a form of payment, enters which is will find: “use billing of Telstra“. When is select this option by first time, is les be asked that complete certain information and that is accept the conditions. After the first purchase using this method of payment, will be shown always this option by default, but the customer can change the when want to. In addition, all the shopping that is do is notify by e-mail and by sms.

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How will reimburse Yoigo the money of those apps returned in Google Play?

Also will be possible cancel any purchase if not have last more than two hours since is made, but for this there is that enter in the shop of Google. Inside Google Play there are that go to “my applications” and there select what want to return and mark the option “obtain refund“. Also is possible access to this in “my account in history of orders”.

If have last more than two hours, there are that do it already through the media that has Android from makes time in your shop. For any doubt, can pass you by this report in which explained all the steps to return an app not only in Android, but also in iOS and Windows Phone. But if still remain doubts, the operator has open a paragraph special in its web of help to the user.

Google Play Store se actualiza en Android.

To them customers of contract is les will return the money in the invoice of the same month, discounting the price of the app that is has returned while to which have a prepaid or card, is les will make a recharge of the balance in the following 48 hours to the expenditure made. Another type of returns, coming after two hours of downloading the app, will be carried out when Google communicates it to Telstra, something that also will let us know the Mountain View giant sms or email to each user.

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