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Telegram is still going forward to WhatsApp with its last update

When we talk about messaging application, we always have to mention to WhatsApp, it is without doubt, the application most used in this aspect. But is not the only one, since we have seen and throughout these years, many apps have tried to seize the throne, without success, but one that is every day closer to getting it is Telegram, that has a few functions that WhatsApp no has and who should go including to not be left behind.

Telegram is, right now, one of the most complete messaging applications at the time. It has many functions as before deleting sent messages in groups or simply have better support for GIFs, but the news that reaches us today is to Telegram is updated with some new interesting going to make that WhatsApp is away more and more and more than to be the most comprehensive messaging application.

Telegram adds support for GIFs in the Google keyboard

Makes a few hours, Telegram is has updated in your version mobile with enough news. Solves some failures in the application as the hour in which is sent them messages, that sometimes failed, or a best management of them data that spend, here have all the news:

  • You can choose to delete a message, if you want to delete all chat or just for you, and it adds the possibility of deleting it in private chat…
  • The messages from a sender are grouped together.
  • Queried from data in the paragraph of the settings
  • When you send a file, you get a recent tab
  • Arrow floating added in the part of above the chat.
  • Send GIF directly from GBoard.
  • You can access the menu of quick action from the icon of the application in Android 7.1.1 Nougat

What is missing to WhatsApp to advance to Telegram?

We see that WhatsApp is still one step behind Telegram. A few days ago we mentioned that WhatsApp would include the option to delete already sent messages, but we still don’t know when. Others of those paragraphs in that WhatsApp is has staking is WhatsApp Web. We see how Telegram is a desktop application that works independently of the phone, while WhatsApp Web only is a mirror of the noticess mobile.

We will see to see if with the arrival of the new year, WhatsApp can move forward and update your application, which, while it is true that it is currently the most widely used in this field, is not the most complete.

Telegram article continues ahead WhatsApp with its last update was published in MovilZona.

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