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Teclast X16S: it more similar to a Surface that you can buy by 240 euros

The circumstances have been forcing us to pose our eyes, little by little, in the movements of different Chinese manufacturers. Teclast is between them one of the more prominent to the get, usually, a great balance between benefits and product. Probably, the interesting thing about this brand is that it manages to combine a hardware known and affordable with attractive designs, meditating well all the steps in this area, as evidenced by the Teclast X16S.

As says TechTablets is is of an of them best replicas of the Surface Pro 4 that have seen until the moment, at least in them renders distributed by the signature. Keyboard and Kickstand look of form very similar to the concept in which Microsoft has based great part of its developments in the segment: a “foot” in the part rear of the tablet for regulate the angle and a keyboard magnet that allow effect similar. Even the format of the screen is identical to the adopted by them in Redmond.

Sheet technical of the Teclast X16S

What more highlights of the device, as have in them lines previous is its tremendous resemblance with a star of the segment as is the Surface Pro 4. In terms of technical specifications, we are moving at a very similar level of the majority of devices manufactured by Chinese brands of similar qualities. For example, the screen is left in a resolution Full HD and the processor is a Intel Atom X 5 Z3800, of which already have given has in several occasions. It is a pity, that Yes, who does not opt for a more advanced power unit, while this chip we know to comply.

Telcast Tbook X16S 2 en 1

With regard to the memory, have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, while us find with another classic in at the time of addressing the system operating: a boot dual with Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Already going still hour of that these manufacturers begin to work with Marshmallow because there is difference. Even so, the adaptation of Teclast for the OS of Google is pretty good.

Price and availability of the tablet

The team already can be found in some shops at an approximate price of 240 euros. It is clear that the tablet is attractive, but now the competition in this field is fierce. For example, the Cube Book with an Intel Core i7 m3, much more powerful than the ATOM, and support for Wacom costs just 300 euros, while the new Chuwi HiBook Pro (with 2 K screen) or Vi10 Plus (OS Remix and 170 euros) can be considered alternatives to the height or better value for money.

Teclast X16S article: the closest thing to a Surface that can be purchased for 240 euros was published in TabletZona.

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