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Teclast TBook 16 Power: the most powerful Surface Chinese clone, is already selling

Teclast launched a press release a few weeks ago in which was the arrival of a more powerful version of its 16S TBook. This new TBook 16 Power mounted a processor Cherry Trail Z8750 rather than the Z8300 with what his performance rises significantly with respect to its predecessor, although the price is also more bulky. All this for a tablet that could be easily confused with a Surface Pro 4from afar.

A couple of days, to make our collection of best Chinese 2016 tablets we wrote that Vido V10 Elite could be easily the best team inspired by the Surface of how many have been launched along the present course among import brands. However, the appearance on the scene of this TBook 16 Power would leave that option in the air, since both have a very similar design and a processor above the current average among teams of its range.

Teclast TBook 16 Power: same appearance, more power

By out, basically, the look is identical to the of the 16S. However, the Intel Core processor X 5 Z8300 has been replaced by a Z8750 7 X higher performance. This chip consists of a CPU with 4 cores capable of reach a frequency of clock of 2.56 GHz in conditions of high demand, with a frequency base of 1.6 Ghz. Moreover we have the same model in any other section.

The display has a diagonal of 11.6 inches, with resolution of 1080 p, 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage format (compatible with Micro SD cards up to 128 GB) eMMC. In terms of operating system, of course, we have dual boot, Windows 10 Home and Android Marshmallow.

A leap in performance that is also reflected in the price

X 7 Z8750 is a processor already not too different from the Intel Core m3-6Y30, i.e., which carried the Galaxy TabPro S or the Cube i7 Book. Benchmarks set much higher than the one of the Z8300 records, so the new Teclast TBook 16 Power going to be able to deal with Games level PS3 or Xbox 360 on Steam without problems.

z8750 vs z8300 procesadores

Its price, however, also amounts accordingly. The new model costs 317 euros right now in GearBest while the TBook 16S out of 233 euros. Anyway, it is a device that is sending its first units and with the passage of time expect to see substantial sales.

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