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Tapdole Tap: Indie, pixels and action through a tadpole

Nature itself also becomes a source of inspiration for developers of games and apps that we use daily in our tablets and smartphones. However, here is also required a constant reinvention, which can result in innovative titles that get to keep hooked millions of users at the same time that mark distances with their competitors.

In recent years, the phenomenon indie and nostalgia for what we were decades ago, have walked with both in areas like fashion or architecture and the catalogs of applications, where day to day we find more products of this area getting to captivate the public. An example of this is Tapdole Tap, which you then have its salient features.


The theme of this game is very simple: must curb a small tadpole and ensure that survive. At first glance, this may seem very simple, but the task is complicated along that we move forward by different levels in which you will find either, all types of vegetation that prevents that this creature can feed or advance, or also, other animals that try to devour it.

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Customization capability is one of the keys of this title since in addition to choose between different characters, we can unlock abilities and unique to each of them. On the other hand, we will have the ability to modify the environment in which we play each level. Finally, stand out as the competition game modes, thanks to which we compete with friends and other users around the world and also get scores that we introduce in rankings.


Tapdole Tap has no cost, what has served for more than one million players. However, the key to success is in that very simple, perhaps comical, and atmosphere based on creatures of fun in a pixelated world. Require purchase integrated that can reach 23 euros per item. Despite the fact that it takes a while in our catalog of Google Play, some users criticize that problems related to the need for actual payment products that fail to materialize in headings or unexpected closures and persistent even after the latest updates have not been corrected.

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Do you think that Tapdole Tap has been able to reach the Summit and is not able to compete against other similar games? You have available more information about other titles that Indie is the protagonist so you can get to know more options at your disposal.

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