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Takes contact with the new Honor 8

Yesterday same witness to the put of long of the new ship logo of Honor, the brand of Huawei that is characterized by offer terminals of great quality and performance to a price much more accessible. He Honor 8 already had been presented in Chinese the last month of July, but is now when already it can buy in Europe from 399 euros. Share with you a take of contact that us shows it fluid of your operation thanks to the EMUI 4.1 that carries installed, and as not, to its powerful hardware.

The Honor 8 is Huawei response to the ever more mid-range disguised as a high ferozcompetencia. Examples as the OnePlus 3 or the Xiaomi Mi5 that we offer processors and memory of a ship logo below them 400 euros, that is the niche of this Honor 8 that have could prove in his put of long.

Taken from contact of the Honor 8

He Honor 8 already is to the sale, and yesterday could have it between hands to check the sensations that us provides this new terminal Honor. Your design is really attractive, with a very good touch to the hands and a sleek design. Their 7.5 mm of thickness and its size conditioned by it screen of 5.2 inches make of he a terminal light, and the finish of your chassis overflows of good materials. Highlights on the rest of features the incorporation of a camera of photos dual, inherited from the Huawei P9, his alter ego in Huawei.

When we move through its interface the only thing that we noticed is fluidity and high speed handling. Menus are going on very dynamic, soft form and note that there is behind a very powerful hardware, commanded by the processor Kirin 950 of the House, one of the most powerful of Huawei, and with up to 4 GB of RAM. EMUI 4.1 shows extremely fluent in this touchdown and is the icing to a terminal that has transmitted us only good feelings.

Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto
Honor 8 toma de contacto

Along with the video can enjoy a series of images that show in great detail the outer new Honor 8 appearance, where we can see his finish in a more precise way and details as your dual camera from much closer. The Honor 8 already is to the sale for 399 euros, the same price of the OnePlus 3 and slightly above the Xiaomi Mi5. You can compare this new 8 Honor and its features to any other terminal on the high end in our comparison of mobile.

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