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Take advantage of new Pokemon GO Christmas offerings

For a couple of days are active events to celebrate the Christmas of Pokémon GO. Allows find more Pokemon babies as well as locate Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasur together with all its evolutions more quickly. Now come new offers of Christmas to the shop of the title of Niantic.

With the first look to them events Christmas of Pokemon GO, from Niantic is have confirmed some of them rumors that the explorers of the code found makes some days. It makes just hours have triggered the offerings of Christmas of Pokemon that they allow players to purchase different packages with various products hidden inside.

For some reason Niantic decided to keep secret the arrival of these new Christmas offerings, but relatively recently the company has published several boxes gift in the the app store not to mention them in your published post days ago about innovations which would come to Pokémon GO at Christmas and new year events.

The boxes can acquire is in format special, large and Ultra, and will be to the sale from yesterday itself until the next 3 of January.

Offers in Pokemon GO by Christmas

Initially, when you go to the store for the Pokemon Christmas GO offers more than one think that innovations are some surprise boxes that its inner content is unknown. However this not is the case and the articles present in each an of the boxes appear listed to the make click on any of them.

pokémon GO NAvidad

These are the articles that you’ll find in the three different packs available to buy along this week.

  • Special box (250 coins): 10 Super ball and 2 incubators.
  • Supergenial box (550 coins): 20 Super ball, 2 incense and 4 hatcheries.
  • Box Ultra (1,500 coins): 20 Ultra ball, 25 incense and 6 incubators.

Taking into account what it costs us to purchase these coins with real money, that puts prices at around 3, 6 and 12 euros respectively, an excellent offer Christmas in Pokemon GO to replenish our backpack with interesting game items.

Coinciding with the new year’s Eve, Niantic will publish new packs (bronze, silver and gold) that will remain active until Jan. 3, the date when they will play to an end offerings of Christmas of Pokemon.

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