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Samsung Galaxy S8

Thus you can remap the button the Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby (again)

Curiously Bixby, the Samsung Galaxy S8 virtual assistant is taking much of the limelight in the early days of the smartphone market. If a few weeks ago we discovered how easy that was to reset the activation button to assign new functions, we soon saw how the Korean company eliminated …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Galaxy s a video shows impressive evolution

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can be considered today one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. However, that same conclusion we could extract from the presentation of the first Samsung Galaxy S there by March 2010. Seven years away at the time and many differences at a technical level, …

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Pack to transform the S7 Galaxy in a Galaxy S8

We are going to tell it from the beginning, when we say a Galaxy S7 become a Galaxy S8 we refer to the ability to customize all the computer software and be exactly equal – or practically identical. All the advances in hardware is obviously impossible to move them, but …

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