Wednesday , August 5 2020
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Pokemon GO

All the news that will come soon to Pokemon GO


Although makes ones days speak of that the fever by the game of Niantic was starting to descend, not can ignore that continues being the game more popular in the world currently and that still having a huge impact each step that gives. Many are suing Niantic profound changes in …

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PokeMesh was updated to avoid bans on Pokemon GO


The PokeMesh Android app is updated to version 4.3.0 and does so with a number of interesting changes. The bug fixes and enhancements focused on the user experience, reach patches to circumvent the ban on Pokémon GO. Of this mode the user has opportunity of continue using the radar of …

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All the news about the new update of Pokémon GO


After quedadas, controversial, arrests and records of download, seems that Pokemon GO begins to show signs of weakness, as are many them players that, after some weeks of use, seem to have is tired of kick your city in seeks of small monsters. Now comes the new update of Pokemon …

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Latest update Pokémon GO leaves us a nasty bug


The last error that seems to affect to the last title of Niantic for Android and iOS has to them players pouring all type of insults in their phones to the see as monsters rare is converted in beasts common after it captures. Imagine that you can hunt a Blastoise, …

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Scientists recommend not play Pokémon GO


Pokémon Go has come to the society as a storm, destroying everything in its path and leaving people still wondering where this phenomenon has been unmatched in recent years. The game is everywhere and is certainly affecting people’s lives directly or indirectly, whether by distractions, the obsession of getting new …

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Update of Pokémon GO back to some players to level 1


Yesterday many of us we wake up with the good news that reached the first Pokémon GOupdate. This first update we had brought some news interesting and above all a better optimization of the game, improving the stability general and solving some errors. They have now come to light other …

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