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The beta Android 7.1 for OnePlus 3 and 3T begins deployment

We are these days full of news from the Mobile World Congress, but there are also other news about Chinese brands as Xiaomi, which has released a new processor, and now, it’s up to OnePlus, since it seems that it has begun the deployment of beta Android 7.1 for the …

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How to solve the problems of the 3T OnePlus battery

Long ago we showed you how to increase your OnePlus 3 using a kernel battery, and the battery of one of the most important aspects for the user, but today, going to bring a solution to the 3T OnePlus battery problems, which have appeared after latest update. The The article …

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The OnePlus 3T AnTuTu and Geekbench results are false


A few years ago it was discovered that some mobile phone manufacturers increased the frequency of the CPU when it was detected using benchmark as AnTuTu applications. In fact, the signature launched an application specific to this type of smartphones. Now from XDA Developers denounce the OnePlus 3T in AnTuTu …

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How to uninstall apps from Google and the OnePlus 3T system


Few doubt that, despite their initial problems, the OnePlus 3, and more specifically the OnePlus 3T is one of the coolest smartphones already old year 2016 has left us, but your operating system does the same lights that shadows among the users. By fortune, the world of the Scene Android …

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It increases the OnePlus 3 with this kernel battery


One of the sections that matters most to the battery. Increasingly manufacturers strive more and more on this issue, since we saw a couple of years, a high-end terminal had no battery as good as another another range, but today, we are going to teach one form to increase the …

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Comparison of the OnePlus 3T facing the Huawei Matt 9


Both the OnePlus 3T as Huawei Mate 9 are two of the two best smartphones in terms of specifications and features we can find in the market. For this reason, and based on your requests, we compare directly the OnePlus high range with the high range of Huawei to help …

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