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Comparison between the Xiaomi Mi5c, 5 Nokia and Moto G5

Just present the new Xiaomi Mi5c, the new mid-range of the Chinese firm with own processor, and today we are going to bring a comparison between the Xiaomi Mi5c, 5 Nokia and Moto G5 to see what will be the best terminal of mid-range of the moment. Xiaomi has always …

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Why is the simple concept of the Nokia 3310 so attractive?

Today we want to smartphones, Smartphones that allow us to do a lot of different things. Buy, surf the net, use a million different apps and see content to Full HD, 2 k, in Virtual reality. But if we are so accustomed to have multi-tasking leads, the simple concept is …

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Up to 7 mobile would come to get Nokia this year


Nokia is an of those companies that never is dared to advance, and is by this that it was stagnant. More than ten years ago we could see as one of the companies that more smartphones manufactured and sold in the market was Nokia, but when Android came, they thought …

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