Monday , June 24 2019
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The Lenovo with compact size M bike appears at Geekbench


The Motorola arrived in Lenovo is giving an air that is completely different from the range of the signature. Admittedly, that since the arrival of Lenovo we stopped not know new terminals for the motorcycle range, from the powerful bike Z to the recent E3 Moto. But there is even …

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The design of the bike Z Play appears in new real images


Lenovo is taking a out a complete transformation of its range of smartphones, starting by by its highest range, having passed the Moto x bike z recent. The latter will also have a more accessible version, or “Lite” as they call it other brands. Would be the Moto Z Play, …

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The Moto Z is confronted to a hard test of resistance


The Moto Z Lenovo hit the market last June to provide a new top of range to the brand and to offer an alternative even more powerful and thin to the Motorola Moto X. One of the aspects that highlights the new Moto Z is by their extreme thinness, only …

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Moto E3 reveals new details in the Wi-Fi certification


Lenovo is renewing the product range of Motorola, if first we saw the old Moto G become Moto G4 and be replaced by Moto Z now turn to X-Moto to the new Moto E finally called Moto E3. This new terminal of Lenovo is very close to be presented, since …

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The Motorola Moto E 2016 through Bluetooth certification


A couple of months ago that we met the first details that pointed to become the new Motorola Moto E from 2016, manufactured for the first time under the control of Lenovo. Now both terminals have been hunted in the bluetooth certification, a fact that reveals that these new Motorola …

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