Thursday , March 23 2023
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iPhone 7

Disables the new and annoying features of iOS 10

Makes something more than two weeks iOS 10 began to arrive to all the users of products of Apple as a update more of the system operating mobile. Although this version of the operating system did not include too many visible new features, most of the changes are under the …

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Comparative speed of 7 against the 6s iPhone iPhone


While increasingly is further the presentation of iPhone 7, the prominence of the new terminal of the Cupertino remains very, and proof of this are still different tests to which is being tested to measure the true upgrades that it offers us with respect to its predecessor. It is the …

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What is more like 7 iPhone and what is hated


It may be because it is Friday or because going is we summer definitely, but seeing the survey that has made the company Aspectiva we could not more than draw a smile and want to share it with you to, in addition, to open this debate that surely will be …

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7 Plus iPhone appears for the first time on video

Until the date had had opportunity of see crowd of models and parts of the impending iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, especially on the first. This even had the chance to see him in some other video, but the model with display of 5.5 inches had not transcended any …

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The version of 256 GB of the iPhone 7 cobra force again


Already not there that make more speculation, from makes a couple of days know the date of presentation of the new iPhone 7, that will be in less than two weeks, the next 7 of September. And while already know this fact so important, even there are many unknowns environment …

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Reveal a new color for the iPhone 7


It shows that we are little more than one week of knowing all the features of the iPhone 7 Apple, company that just received a hard blow to be officially sentenced to pay EUR 13,000 million for tax arrears in Europe. Setting aside economic issues, today we just get to …

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