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What new features of the iPhone 7 make that bands the iPhone 6s?


Would what news of the iPhone 7 make that the people leave your iPhone 6s u another smartphone from Apple? According to the latest survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the main features that encourage change are greater autonomy and water resistant casing. In the list of preferences …

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7 iPhone experience problems with vehicles BMW Bluetooth


After a couple of weeks on sale, users of the iPhone 7 have had opportunity to test more thoroughly the terminal. The user experience now reports various problems detected, all related to the wireless connectivity of the smartphone. In first place, is has detected that the Bluetooth of the iPhone …

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The iPhone 8 returns to the housing of glass of the iPhone 4


At least is what the analyst, or almost “Futurist” of best known Apple, Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, is what ensures. The Californian company will again use a glass casing for your next phone in 2017 (which points to that it could be the iPhone 8 since yesterday) as …

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Fuze Case, the casing to add minijack to 7 iPhone


It is certainly one of the elements that more has spoken about the latest phones from Apple. And it is that the disappearance of the headphone port has caused the opposite effect, look for ways to add minijack to 7 iPhone and there who has already had the brilliant idea …

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The success of the iPhone 7 was a simple media bubble?


We’re bumping each time with more and more data that we begin to corroborate a theory that there was prior to the launch of the Apple smartphone, when its reserves beat records and everything was a scene of Pink for the Cupertino company and that predicted the success of the …

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