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Instagram returns to update it by copying functions of Snapchat

To nobody is le escapes that Instagram is is making in the field of testing of Facebook to test different “services” that later can pass to the rest of applications. So has last with Instagram Stories (or Facebook Stories or WhatsApp Status), new function of the application copied shamelessly of …

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Gmail increases attachment to 50MB file size limit

Already have provided that Google is an of them companies that more care to their users, updating their applications each very little time. Yesterday we saw how would be the next update Google photos, and today we see how Gmail increases attachment to 50 MB size limit. The most widely …

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New (free) Prism in its newly released shop filters

The photo application with more success of the moment, Prism, became popular shortly after its release last year. Now, with millions of users around the globe, the application makers are now adding tens of new Prism filters through the new filters store coming to the application with your last The …

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It hides the Jailbreak to certain applications to make them work

Developers do not like users to unlock their devices. Not like, for example, making Android users root that iOS users to Jailbreak, since ignorance has made both changes are closely related to piracy. For this reason, many developers tend to implement measures of The article hides the Jailbreak to certain …

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Netflix and day, new hooks WhatsApp and social networking scams


WhatsApp scams follow a cyclic path, when it seems that everyone is aware of them and has learned to ignore them, reappear stronger that never using different hooks. It has already happened in the past with the scam of Burger King and recent hooks WhatsApp scams and social networks are …

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The new version of Chrome for smartphones for speed


Today Chrome is still the browser that is preferred by the users to surf the Web from your smartphone. A few hours ago the team responsible for its development has just announced that it plans to make its mobile browser even faster with respect to the reload of the page. …

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