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Tablets convertibles that are at the top in power… and cost

In just over 6 years, the Tablet sector has experienced unexpected growth. What in a principle was intended as a support additional that complement others already existing in them homes, has gone winning land until unseat gradually to other platforms. Their consolidation has gone accompanied of a diversification in which, as have mentioned on other occasions, can find thousands of models with features and prices disparate. However, in all this context that also suffers from saturation, necessary manufacturers to innovate or offer something exclusive but, in some cases, this may have a price for consumers.

During the last months, the terminals convertible have gone winning weight. Many analysts believe that they will be the future of the sector and an example of this, is the growing of this type of models offer. However, here we can also find a division in public that runs from those terminals affordable, focused public domestic and designed for the whole family, to others targeting professional groups and of which I have given some examples above. If sometimes you have presented lists of 2 in 1 for less than 300 euros, or that they have dual-boot, today is the turn of speak of the most powerful, but also more unique in terms of its price which we may find ourselves at present.

Galaxy TabPro S libre office

1. Librem 11

We started with a tablet manufactured by a California firm of which I spoke earlier. With devices such as 11, Librem aims to offer the user a completely private and secure user experience. Among its characteristics, we find an 11.6-inch with Full HD resolution screen, memory RAM of 8 or 16 GB depending on the version, or an Intel processor capable of reaching the 2 Ghz. Its greater limitation are their cameras, that despite can record content in HD, have a resolution of 5 and 2 Mpx. will be available starting from September by a price that will be around them 1,000 euros.

2 Surface 4 Pro

A time more, again has talk of the jewel of the Crown from Microsoft. The latest from the Redmond convertible formats has a price ranging between the 999 euros from most basicterminal, up to the 2,200 approximately of the highest. The performance of the latter, among its 16 GB RAM with a 512 storage. Added to this, a range of up to 9 hours if we reproduce videos and a resolution of 2736 × 1824 pixels in a panel of 12.3 inches among others.

Tablets Microsoft ventas

3. Getac T800

In third place we found with a device of a firm unknown. Getac focuses its efforts on go to industrial sectors thanks to tablets like T800. This model, which can be done according to our preferences, according to its manufacturers, does not have very elaborate finishes. However, it stands out for its 8 GB RAM or storage of 128. Equipped with the professional version of Windows 10, your processor, made by Intel, can reach the 2.4 Ghz. With regard to the benefits of image, are facing a terminal of 8.1 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. Its price at some online shopping portals can reach the 2,000 euros.

4 Thinkpad X 1

Fourthly, we present Lenovo bet in this format which is considered strictly tablet for some, and for others, a laptop. With an official price of 1479 euros, the X 1 is equipped with a 12.1-inchscreen. To this we must add a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. It is available in 3 versions , which vary in performance. The highest, reaching the 2,500 euros, has a 16 GB RAM and 512 storage. Your processor manufactured by Intel once more and capable of overcoming the 2 Ghz, is sufficient to support some features such as the addition of 3D cameras or projectors. However, it has been criticized for a modest autonomy compared with other similar models.

thinkpad x1 tablet

5 Galaxy S TabPro

We could not forget the South Korean giant, which is at the top in the phablets sector and which also aims to reach the top in the 2 in 1. 12 inches with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels, TabPro S stands as a good option within the terminals for leisure. With a price that is around 999 euros, it has a 4 GB RAM with a storage of 128. Intel returns to give to this model of the processor, that reaches the 2.2 Ghz. Between their limitations, us found with a battery of only 5,200 mAh, Windows 10 Phone, that not has of all the apps that would like, and the impossibility of expand the memory with cards Micro SD.

As you have seen, in the market also there is a hollow for tablets 2 in 1 high also in its price. After know more about some of them, do you think that its cost is justified for them specifications that possess? You think that that try to by get more exclusivity can be a factor that makes it difficult for your success? Have available more information related as for example, a list of challenges that must face them devices focused to public professional so can know best what are the lights and also, the shadows, of this type of models.

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