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Tablets and presented at the last CES curious accessories

Today starts the CES in the city of the Vegas’s way official. While many are pending of what can pass in these days in the city of them casinos and to the expected of see what will be them large releases or ads that is produced during these days, it certain is that during these days will appear tens of terminals that, while not have the success of them tablets and smartphones more popular , no doubt, eventually calling her attention by others of their features. And it is that, as we have mentioned on other occasions, if there is another element that defines the field of consumer electronics, is the fact that regardless of its size, there are hundreds of companies that use these shows to launch their bets.

During those last days, you have state counting more on that more unknown of this first great cites as for example, some of them milestones and failures more dreamed in all its history. Today we will take another tour by the calendar and I’ll show you a ranking with the tablets and curious accessories for them that have appeared in recent editions. Know that in 2015 is presented a “tablet” of the size of a slate school?

tablet windows car race

1 IdeaPad U1

We started with a terminal, manufactured by Lenovo , which can be considered as one of the forerunners of the current convertible tablets. This device, whose screen was 12 inches, could be dismantled and operate either as a conventional laptop, or as a tablet in the strict sense. It more curious of this model is its boot dual that in this case, not came of the hand of Windows and Android, but had with the version 7 of the platform of Microsoft in the mode laptop while to the be used as support touch, ran with Linux.

2. fuhu SI

Who said that the tablets large were only those that reached them 19 0 20 inch? In the edition of 2015, a company called fuhu SI, decided to break molds with the idea of that them tablets give a step more and is set as alternative to them televisions, them slates and even them tables. Do you remember the table Surface of which I spoke yesterday? This device is very small compared with the four models released by this firm, ranging from the more “discreet” 32-inch, one directed to the classroom and reaching the 65. Some of the benefits of these supports are also big as more pets, reach 4K resolution. Its price also is low, since the model of 65 inches can overcome them 4,000 euros.

fuhu CES

3. electronic focus glasses

In third place, we find with an accessory manufactured by a company called EmPower. All know the consequences that the use intensive of tablets and smartphones can have in our view and also, in other parts as the neck or the back. To try to minimize these impacts, the company presented in the CES of 2013 some glasses that to first view, offered the quality of image optimal of each terminal without need of away it or approach it. They also seemed to conform to other features of each user as for example, the fact of having or not a visual disorder.

4 Paper Tab

Modular devices and those who could roll up thanks to the incorporation of materials like Graphene, gave much to talk about at the CES that took place between 2012 and 2015 approximately. While later, almost no company is launched to investigate decided in these new formats, the truth is that some dating as of 2013, we could see terminals as Paper Tab, an 10.7-inch result from the union of a company called Plastic Logic flexible tablet , a Canadian University and the US company Intel encaragda provide processor this model.

paper tab pantalla

5 Nvidia Shield

We conclude with a device that is already known to all and that was the point of departure of a new generation of tablets that are focused on specific audiences, in particular, to the players. To horse between a smartphone and a tablet due to its size, of approximately 5 inch, this device had built-in a command that allowed navigate and run games that were compatible both in terminals Android as in computers equipped with with the latest versions of Windows. One of its strong points was the fact that had an internal cloud created by Nvidia that allowed you to play the games demanded by users from a distance.

As you have seen, over the last years CES, we have not only seen a diversification in terms of the formats presented in comparison with the editions of decades as the 90s. It is also possible to attend a very striking fragmentation of devices that millions of people use on a daily basis and that, in some cases, they may have practical applications in fields such as education. Do you think that during the event this year will also be other eye-catching handsets that nonetheless will have to use time to see if they have success? Have available more information related as for example, a series of models that gave much of what talk in years previous to can know more about them and say you same.

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