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SwiftKey adds language Spanish to the new system predictive with intelligence artificial

The version of test of SwiftKey receives a Update that will be of special interest for the Spanish-speaking. And it is the most popular Android keyboard adds one of the most ambitious tools that the company has been developing a year. We refer to the predictive system based on a neural network that makes predictive system much more effective and faster thanks to the artificial intelligence.

The transition from mobile phones with physical keyboard to touch screen smartphones was a small pulse of users who had not just adapt to the feeling of pressing a display instead of a mechanical system. However, the remarkable improvement of the tactile sensitivity of the panels joined you the development of predictive systems for virtual keyboards, which marked a before and an after. He result of the evolution of these technologies is appreciates in options so demanded as the keyboard SwiftKey, whose company behind its development gives a step more toward it improves of this system of entry.

The artificial intelligence of SwiftKey, with support for the Spanish

The last month of October of 2015 came to the light a project that destapaba what in a first moment is called Neural alpha. It was of a concept of network neural applied to the system predictive of SwiftKey. Today, after its presentation official in several languages, arrives the support for the Spanish, so already is possible take advantage of the advantages of this technology in the Beta of the keyboard. In fact, anyone who wants to try it since it is already possible to download and install it from the same Google Play.Sistema predictivo de SwiftKey

Neural alpha, keyboard SwiftKey based on the learning of the human brain

The result of applying a neural network

And what’s involved in the introduction of a neural network to SwiftKey? As in few words, this improves consists in make more intelligent the keyboard virtual. Specifically, the predictive system is made more “rational”. While the previous logarithm proposed the more common words after analyzing the style of writing of the user, now the software simulates the reaction of the brain.

The own intelligence artificial applied in SwiftKey will lead that the effectiveness of the system predictive is greater, finding the word adequate with greater percentage of success since is analyze the phrase and is formulated predictions more related. Thus, SwiftKey offers a faster and more accurate, writing something so it was already characterized, but that with the neuronal system will enhance it.

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