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Surprise! iOS 10.2 increases battery problems on iPhone

The latest update of iOS 10.2 could have worsened things for the Apple smartphone users who experience a battery on iPhone problems. The error with the battery level and the sudden shutdown of the phone seems to have spread to new models of the company after the update of the software of the firm.

Although some owners phone the manufacturer that are testing the beta iOS 10.2.1 they say they have seen an improvement in the battery problems on iPhone, the current version of the operating system of Apple’s iOS 10.2, it appears to have worsened the problem detected in earlier versions of the software.

According to several users, the percentage of battery seems to be blocked at some level for some time, especially affecting applications that Deplete energy of the terminal, as Pokémon GO. Error detected in the latest version of iOS is random, with consequent damage to the users.

ios 10.2 changelog

Apple stops signing earlier versions of iOS

The problem of battery on iPhone is simply the device stops working once the battery reaches 30%. At that point, the unit turns off as if it reached 0%, but if the phone is connected to power, the phone will be charged normally from that 30%. In another variation of the problem, the battery is 30% to 1%, remaining at that level for several hours. Some iPhone users are saying that iOS 10.2 exacerbates the problem of battery.

In the same way that Apple stop signing older versions of iOS after a week or two after releasing a new version in the past, the company has just stop sign iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1. This means that Apple servers will not recognize the update as legitimate users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch already not can go back to these versions from iOS 10.2.

quejas ios 10.2

Since Apple stopped signing iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1 last Wednesday, those who have found that iOS 10.2 makes things worse they cannot return to earlier versions of iOS and applied a partial solution to the battery problem.

For the time being, as we have already indicated, Apple is working on solving these problems in iPhone battery in subsequent betas of iOS 10.2, but for now nicknamed #Batterygate seems that it is still a new headache for those in charge of the company.

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