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SuperSU is updated and accelerates the boot into Android 7.0 Nougat

If you are of those who cannot live with an Android in hand without root permissions, safe for you app SuperSU not need cover letter. An app must have if you want to fully enter the Scene. As well, such as prominent app has come to version 2.79 and with this, many improvements and innovations.

Have root on a device Android is almost synonymous of include SuperSU in the same team. This app is responsible for mainly manage all permissions that requires an app to give those functions that would not be possible otherwise, with series operating system. However, the functionality of SuperSU hides much deeper technical details.

An update with multitude of changes technical

In fact, the own Chainfire, the person who initially created the project, leaves us a listing or logarithm of changes that you can see lot of technicalities. However, in summary accounts, we can consider all those changes as improvements to the app increase your stability.Permisos root en SuperSU

Faster boot with SuperSU

In that sense, the SuperSU update in its testing phase includes a substantial improvement carried over today most of the headlines. And it is that the new version of SuperSU has promoted not only a long stack improvements, but at the same time has enhanced the acceleration of the system startup with SuperSU in the background. This effect is achieved to a greater extent in Android 7.0 Nougat.

An optimization that comes to amend one of the effects produced by SuperSU once is installed on the system. And it is that that effect is precisely a slowdown in the Android boot. Thus, version SuperSU 2.79 improves times to boot of the system and, therefore, the experience of use of the software of the phone.

But it is not the only significant change, but it SuperSU 1.79 also focuses on solving compatibility problems that were detected to date with Google Pixel and the alternative recovery TWRP.

You have all the details and news of SuperSU 2.79 on the website of the developer, as well as file which need your installation through the recovery. Although the app is available in Google Play, the version that we get echo is the SR1 versions candidates to become the final version, that if contained in the Android app store. Instead, the version 2.79 SR1 is precise download it of the repositories of the developer to enjoy of them News previously mentioned.

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