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SuperCell announces the arrival of a new arena to Clash Royale

If you are tired of always seeing the same arenas again in Clash Royale, the next update of the application should assume all relief for your tired eyes. As just overtake SuperCell via twitter through one of their usual Sneak Peek (or progress), in the coming days we will receive a new arena 8: Frozen Peak.

Como one can imagine after hearing this name, the theme of this new scenario of game will be based on the cold and ice, a big difference with respect to than the millions of players Clash Royale tend to find in their current games. With a large number of players of high level spending time in this arena before moving to the next, the addition of Frozen Peak should be a breath of fresh air for the title of SuperCell, and never better said.

SNEAK PEEK #1-New Arena: Frozen Peak unlocks at 2300 Trophies!

-Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) July 1, 2016

After this first Sneak Peak, it is more than likely tomorrow SuperCell to announce on Twitter following advancement of innovations that will Clash Royale in the next updates. In the following video you can take a look at the new arena.

Click here to see the video

Clash Royale tournament

The next update of Clash Royale could be released on 4 July will also bring some changes in the balance of the game, along with some new tournaments with huge rewards as you revelábamos this morning. And it is that Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and ESL at the head have announced the conclusion of one of the most interesting Clash Royale tournaments who will gather from the coming week. The companies put in game nothing more and nothing less 8,500 euros in prize money between money in cash, smartphones, tablets, cameras, accessories and Gear 360 Korean brand.

If you want to enjoy the grand finale of the Madrid tournament Clash Royaleapproach, you just have to go to plaza de Callao on 22 of July, date set for resolution of the event and the champion-elect.

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