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Super Mario Run Android appears in Google Play Store

Well, look at the calendar. Today is day 29 of December, not 28, by which you can ensure that this news not is no April fool. By surprise and when no one expected it, Super Mario Run Android just made her appearance showing in Google Play Store. However, still not you can play with the famous plumber of Red Hat.

A few days ago Super Mario Run landing at iOS assuming the landing of Mario in mobile devices. With their more and their less are many them users of iOS that already have could prove the last game of Nintendo, and now seems that soon may make it the users of Android.

As we say, the application already is available in the shop of Google, but unfortunately still not is can download. As happened in iOS, what we have is the option of registering in the game so that once that Super Mario Run comes to Android in an official way, receive a notice alerting us of this. Takes long time talking about the game release in 2017, but its early appearance in Google Play Store invites us to think that we won’t have to wait too long to scroll through the Mushroom Kingdom at full speed.

super mario run

Of this form, it only that can do is register us for know your arrival to the system operating from Google, nothing more. We don’t have a date concrete not even the price of the game, but it is expected that following the strategy view on iPhone and iPad, Super Mario Run for Android is free and we unlock the full game costs 9.99 euros.

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Beware of false applications of Super Mario Run

We have already alerted on several occasions the presence of inspirational with hidden malware which can compromise your private data. The arrival of Super Mario Run Android at Google Play Store does not change this matter for nothing because the game files are not available at the moment, so could not extract the APK from the app store.

In the last days also have appeared within it own store of applications different apps associated to Super Mario Run (as Super Mario Run tricks or guide of Super Mario Run) that have been designated by the OSI as potentially dangerous. The only official presence of Super Mario Run on Android is that today we leave.

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