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Steps basic to unlock the bootloader of any smartphone

Although already not called equal it attention as makes ones years, still continues having many that still looking for how release the bootloader of their devices, install a recovery and, from there, change them roms of them manufacturers or make root to the system operating for have the control full on it and to configure practically any aspect of the system that, of it contrary It would not be possible.

To day of today, this process, usually, not usually lead no risk and always is possible reverse them changes to, for example, return to receive them updates OTA, although perform this configuration always implies the loss of the warranty of the device. Also, due to them measures of security of Android, before release the bootloader or perform any change similar always is necessary perform some small adjustments in the device, as enable them options of development and disable the lock OEM (in them models more new) so can carry to out this configuration.

As this process tends to be the same (or at least very similar) on all devices on the market, then, we leave the basic steps we must follow in any smartphone before you begin the process of liberation of the device.

Starting from here, each device usually carry a process different to release the bootloader and install a recovery

What we have seen in the previous manual is all you need to do to prepare your device for his release, however, each manufacturer uses different techniques so the process, although very similar, is different in each of them.

For example, some smartphones tend to have the bootloader locked by code, and to unlock it, it is necessary to request a code to the company. In other cases, the process is done with an only commands and, in others, with several commands followed. Similarly, it is possible to install a recovery and make root have to Flash ones or other files depending on the manufacturer of your device, the model we have and even the version of Android we are using.

Therefore, although we are going to continue showing you how the bootloader are released, a recovery is installed and becomes root to the main models of the market, what they all have in common these simple steps will be.

You usually unlock the bootloader of your devices or prefer to leave it closed and, therefore, safe?

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