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“Spectacles” are Snapchat which are connected to the mobile

Although we are not talking about a new mobile phone or smartwatch, these glasses have a direct link with our mobile element because they have been created to interact exclusively with Snapchat at our terminal. Makes some months already hear certain rumors that pointed to the signs was developing their glasses, thought that of reality virtual, although in the practice are quite more simple. We will know the details of a few glasses of Snpachat that will reach the market in the coming months.

Are called Spectacles, and is the first hardware that develops and launches Snapchat, it’s smart sunglasses that allow record short videos and photos to then be shared with our mobile phone through the social network. It seems that Snapchat is determined to take the throne of messaging and behind these glasses can exist for many a good reason to declare unconditional love to this app.

Snapchat sunglasses to make Snaps and share them from your mobile

Snapchat sunglasses are already a reality, and although they will not come until well into the autumn already know what will be used and their cost. These sunglasses basically allow us to make pictures and videos to be then shared on social networking with your mobile phone. These glasses allow us to make Snaps up to ten seconds of duration to then dump them in your mobile phone thanks to a Wi-Fi to our memories of Snapchat. Obviously these glasses feature a battery for autonomous operation, so that own these glasses case serves as a charger.

One of the most personal traits of these glasses is the format in which record videos or make photos. Because as you can see in the animated GIF, these videos and photos are spherical and why to burn them as well? so very simple, to avoid having to be hitting us with the black bands that are generated when we recorded a video horizontally or vertically. Though not the most common format for video recording, are confident that audience of Snapchat will receive it with open arms and additionally enhance the creativity of the users of the social network.

gafas snapchat

The Spectacles have a lens in one of the ends of the front of the glasses and with a button close to one of the pins at the other end to activate the recordings and make photos. As we said well into the autumn, just to prepare the Christmas season, we will not have Snapchat sunglasses in stores, which come in colors black, sky-blue and Red coral at a price of 130 dollars, or what is the same, about 115 euros to change.

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