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SPC 10.1 Glow: analysis and opinions of this low-cost metal-bodied tablet

This week we have had opportunity to test a tablet SPC Glow 10.1, similar in some ways to the model we discussed days ago, although with the best finishes and a 64-bitprocessor. The question is if other benefits are kept equal despite not having mobile connectivity, which, on the other hand, makes the terminal something cheaper. Continue reading to know all the keys to this team.

SPC is an interesting manufacturer aimed for now for the Tablet market is set to the input segment. Within this field, in our humble opinion, beyond other technical characteristics that can truly ask a tablet is that what has to be reliable and to ensure a minimally solid experience in everyday tasks. In that sense, the Glow 10.1 may not be the fastest Tablet by opening an application but complies with that premise far.

Aspects to improve the SPC Glow 10.1

Both the 3G model and this standard we have noticed that the Glow 10.1 physical keys are still a criterion confusing. It is rare, for example, that there are no buttons to adjust the volume, and however, you have entered one to go “back” when this function is usually located in the navigation bar.

tablet SPC 64 bits analisis review

The screen can be improved if compared to other more expensive tablets, and this is perhaps one of the clearest weaknesses. The benefits of IPS technology has, accurate colors and a few good angles of visibility, but a little more resolution is there would be grateful enough. Anyway, we already say that for a price close to 100 euros will be difficult to find better things.

The Glow 10.1 meets and exceeds in…

First thing: finishes draw much attention. The SPC Glow 10.1 is a tablet with unibodyaluminium body, solid with beautiful lines. The 64-bit processor makes a good management of their resources and housing neither gets too while we already started to feel the summer heat. The pure version of Android 5.1 is ideal for a team assembled from parts economic and navigation is smooth and pleasant.

tablet SPC 64 bits logo trasera

Mainly, we must recognize that this tablet battery has surprised us, coming to offer between 7 and 8 hours of work in the PCMark test, which, for a low-cost device is a simply spectacular. On the other hand, value for money is good or very good.

If you are intended to purchase an SPC Glow 10.1 we recommend passing through our in-depth analysis of the tablet to get to know in detail.

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