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Sony is preparing a new family of phablets for the MWC

Yesterday I had how Nokia would be working on a new tablet that would be presented along with other terminals of the Finnish at the MWC, which will take place in Barcelona in a month. This event, which has become one of the largest in the world, is must for a multitude of companies, large and small, who wish to occupy a prominent place in the consumer electronics sector already, with the presentation of new models which is intended to change the direction of the market, or with the inclusion of very striking tendencies that in the short to medium term also aspire to mark a before and an after in a variety of formats.

Today is the turn of Sony. The Japanese, who has been located as a leader in media such as consoles via PlayStation, might have to lost some ground in the field of smartphones during the 2016 because, once again, to push Chinese companies. However, it would be determined to recover ground and to reposition themselves once again as a reference also in the field of the phablets through a series of ads or simultaneous presentations of several terminals during the Barcelona event. Then we told you more about what already is has been able to learn about these next models that not only they would seek to complement the latest Xperia, but go further.

xperia c6 pantalla

The announcement

According to Phonearena, Sony would have planned show 5 new terminals of which during the Mobile World Congress, one of them would be the jewel in the Crown of the company in 2017 as we will see below. In this new family, two of them belong to the segment of the phablets while the other 3, would be strictly smartphones that, however, would have similar characteristics to the larger ones.


This model could be the flagship of Japan’s technology. Taking into account the information provided by Phonearena, you would have a diagonal of 5.5 inches along with a 4 K resolution and a 835 Snapdragon processor that would overcome the 2 Ghz speed. All these features would be complete with a RAM which varies between 4 and 6 GB. However, it will take his official announcement so that they are fully confirmed. Chambers, whose properties have not been revealed, are another of the unknowns slopes by revealing, since it is taken for granted that will be one of the highest we can see at least during the first half of the year.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 procesador


The second large terminal of Sony would be something more discreet in terms of its performance than its predecessor, which would also make certain tracks on the segment of the public which would go. He would have another 5.5-inch screen and its resolution would be 2560× 1440 pixels. In the field of processors, it is speculated that, or well share the same chip that his older brother, Yoshino, or which have a somewhat smaller, a Snapdragon 653. What range do you think that you could belong?

The family is completed

As we mentioned at the beginning, three of the five hypothetical devices that would be creating Sony would be conventional smartphones. From Phonearena assure that they will be models whose size swing between the 5 and 5.2 inches. They would focus the mid-range as it might be for one of them, called I Mineo and among its highlights, we could see cameras that exceed the 16 Mpx. However, one of them, known as time Hinoki, could go to the terrain of the low-cost, where the Japanese firm would also seek its place and compete against the Chinese.

MWC 2014

When and where could we see them in action?

During this article, I have mentioned that the MWC will be the showcase in which Sony, like many others, do display their top models. The Barcelona fair will serve to confirm, as before, remember all characteristics of Yoshino and BlancBright. It is believed that its put on sale would be in summer, between June and July. However, the names of the terminals can give another series of indicators of potential markets which would be addressed. Japan, birthplace of the technological, predictably, will be the first area in which to see in action. Now have to resolve the question of whether be devices that will remain in the Japanese archipelago and its neighbouring countries or however, eventually reaching the rest of the world, or at least Europe. What do you think?

After learning more about what are the efforts of the company of the country of the rising sun in the short term in the field of smartphones, do you think that these next models will be used to cope with greater competition to the existing a few years ago? Do you think that Sony should not neglect other larger formats like tablets? Time will serve to answer all these questions. Meanwhile, you have available more information about some of latest handsets released by the firm in the HomeStretch of 2016: the Xperia Z4 and the XA Ultra so you can say to yourselves.

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